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Thursday, April 1, 2010


Here's an interesting fact about paper.

It takes one foot of wood just to make one sheet of paper. It takes about a whole tree to make a packet of paper. This why we shouldn't WASTE paper. One thing we could do to help conserve paper is not have homework....yea right, like that'll ever happen. But it would help save paper.....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Green is not MEAN!!!

P.S. there is music and I had no idea of what else to call this :D


Ok my friend Paige's blog has a website with all the endangered animals and plants...Before you check it out here's something that you should know.....In the animals(and animals alone)list there are 8408 endangered spieces!!!!! So I wouldn't want to sit there and read them all...Over 3/4 of them I have no idea what they are!!! As for the plants list(and plants alone) there are 4354 endangered plant spieces!!! At least that list is a little smaller....But I have NO IDEA what those plants even are!!!! Anyways that was just a heads up...Here's the website:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Easy ways to help

Ok now I bet you've all heard these before but here they are again:
1) take quick showers to save water
2) turn the lights off when not in use
3) carpool, take the bus, walk, ride your bike instead of riding a car alone
4) walk short distances instead of diving
5) recycle and reuse

Why I made this blog

I decided to make this blog because I felt that we should all help out to save the polar bears, trees, and other plant life. Even though most people know what to do to help they don't do it. So I've made this blog to encourage more people to help out. On this blog you will find tips and ways to help, endangered animal speices, what's happening to the Earth, and more. So do the best you can and HELP OUT!!

Go green

Obviously help

Green is a great color
Reduse, reuse, recycle
Eviromentally friendy
Energy form natural sources
Neat and clean